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Top 4 reasons our patients have bariatric surgery

Top 4 reasons our patients have bariatric surgery

Deciding to have bariatric surgery brings about different feelings for each person. Some feel ashamed to have arrived at the point of consulting for surgery while others feel excited to finally embark on a journey towards better health. Some are bombarded by statements such as “bariatric surgery is the easy way out”, while others have the full support of their loved ones. It can feel like an isolating and lonely time while others discover a wonderful new community of bariatric buddies and create long term friendships.

Regardless, it’s always helpful to learn why others choose to have surgery in the first place, because this helps you realize that you’re not alone in your choice and decision to improve your health and life. So we compiled the top 4 reasons our patients tell us why they are choosing to have bariatric surgery.

Top 4 reasons our patients have bariatric surgery

Note: The reasons shared in this article are not our opinion, but are a summary of our clinical experience and the many discussions we have had with our patients over the past 10 years.

1. They’re concerned with their existing health issues.

“I want to improve my diabetes/sleep apnea/knee pain/back pain/hip pain/asthma.”

We commonly hear from our patients that their current health conditions related to their excess weight are impacting their life. This most often relates to their metabolic health as well as their physical health which limits them to a certain extent.

2. Concern of their existing health issues worsening with age.

“I am concerned that my health will deteriorate. I want to be around for my kids/grandkids.”

With the improving knowledge that we have about how our health may affect us in older age, or watching loved ones live and sometimes suffer with their excess weight, our patients may get a glimpse as to what may be in store for their future. The literature shows us that with age we become even more sedentary and weight gain occurs with increasing age. Some of our patients may be fairly healthy at baseline but are concerned about the excess weight catching up with them as they age. They’re concerned their weight is a ticking time bomb and do not want to wait longer to see how it may manifest in their health.

3. Desire to be more active and physically fit.

“I’m not physically fit and I want to be more active to enjoy life more.”

“I feel that my extra weight limits my daily living.”

Some of our patients long for the day that they can go out for a long walk without having joint pain or to be able to play tag with their kids or grandkids. The extra weight coupled with an aging body only places more of a burden on your joints and cardiovascular fitness. Our patients are looking for a solution to help them get started on improving their ability to add activities to their daily lives.

4. Unhappy with their current appearance.

“I’m distressed by my physical appearance and want to improve it.”

“My self-esteem has worsened over time due to my weight.”

While most of our patients feel a sense of renewal while they watch their weight drop on the scale, it’s also important to mention that while many are happy to achieve an improvement in their self-esteem, the excess skin that may occur after surgery can also deeply affect some people. When you lose a significant amount of weight, the skin, which has been stretched out for many years for some of our patients, does not retract, and is left appearing loose and in some cases saggy. Only plastic surgery can help improve the appearance of this. Meanwhile, other people are proud of how far they have come after surgery and consider the loose skin as a battle scar to remind them of how far they have come.