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How much does a Bariatric Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Canada and what is included

How much does a Bariatric Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery Cost in Canada and what is included

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, in the private sector in Canada is an investment in your health today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

At our 100% Canadian facility situated in Montreal, we offer a turn-key cost for our surgeries, meaning that you will not pay more than the price that is stated below. Our cost includes everything from surgery to care, start to finish.

What is the cost of a sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass?

The cost of bariatric surgery at Weight Loss Surgery varies by procedure.

A sleeve gastrectomy costs $18,000, while the gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y) is $25,000. These costs reflect the complexity of the case, the surgical equipment, and hospital and operating room costs at the time of surgery. This also accounts for the additional equipment and protocols necessary for safety measures against COVID-19. This also includes all follow-up with surgeon for 3 months after surgery and with our nurse and dietitian for 12 months after surgery.

At our facility, we offer turn-key pricing meaning that you will not get charged if you are larger than our average patient, if you need more of the pre-operative diet to reach admissibility for surgery, if the surgery takes longer than average because you’ve had other abdominal surgeries in the past, and you won’t get charged for any additional care with our nurse or dietitian during the first 12 months of follow-up after your surgery. We also do not charge you extra if you happen to need more frequent calls with our dietitian or nurse.

What is included in the cost of bariatric surgery?

The cost of bariatric surgery at Weight Loss Surgery includes everything from the first consultation to the last discussion with our team after 12 months.

It includes:

  • All medical, surgical, anesthesia, nursing and support staff fees
  • Operating room rental and operating room supplies
  • Admission to an accredited hospital for observation after the surgery to ensure the patient’s safety
  • Pre-operative medical history and physical exam and verification of the medical file for safe surgery
  • Pre-operative blood testing
  • Pre-operative ECG
  • Pre-operative nursing evaluation and teaching and post-operative follow-up for 12 months
  • Pre-operative evaluation and teaching with a specialized bariatric registered dietitian and post-operative follow-up for 12 months
  • Post-operative follow-ups by bariatric surgeon for 3 months
  • Pre-operative liquid diet
  • A copy of the bariatric book, The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Your questions finally answered by Lisa Kaouk, RD MPH, and our very own Monica Bashaw, RD, MScA.
  • Indoor valet parking at our clinic

When you compare fees to other clinics please be aware that we are the only ones that admit patients to a nationally accredited private hospital for their surgery as well as their post-surgery convalescence with 24 hour registered nursing care and a surgeon and an anesthetist on call, according to the current standard of care in Canada.

What is not included in the surgery price?

The only additional expense incurred to you are travel expenses to arrive at our facilities and any accommodation needed outside of your hospital stay. We ask that you remain in Montreal for an additional 24 hours after you leave our hospital before flying back home or driving a long distance.

Why does the gastric bypass cost more than the sleeve gastrectomy?

The gastric bypass costs more than the sleeve gastrectomy because the procedure itself takes longer to perform, is more technically challenging, it requires particular surgical equipment, and it requires a longer hospital stay (one night more).

Can public healthcare or insurance cover this surgery for me at your private clinic?

Public healthcare cannot cover the costs of your surgery in our private clinic, however it is possible to have some of the services covered by your private insurance. Some private insurance companies may cover the costs of weight loss surgery procedures, or components of the costs associated with the surgery.
We recommend that you contact your private insurance provider and refer them to our Costs page.
We are happy to provide you with any documentation that your insurance company may require.

Additionally, it is also possible to claim your bariatric surgery and some associated expenses as medical expenses on your tax return. Consult the Canada Revenue Agency website for further information.

What are my payment options?

While some of our patients pay for surgery themselves out of pocket, many find it helpful to finance their surgery. Financing for medical procedures is offered by a third party, rendering the payments more affordable with monthly installments.

Can I claim bariatric surgery as a medical expense?

Yes! Bariatric surgery is a medically-indicated surgery for health purposes, therefore it is eligible to be claimed as a medical expense on your taxes. Many of our patients have received a total of about $5000 reimbursed through their federal and provincial tax returns. This return can cover approximately 25% of the cost of your surgery. Speak with your financial accountant to learn more about what this tax credit can mean for you.

Why is the cost of surgery in Canada significantly higher than abroad?

The cost of surgery abroad is significantly less than having surgery in Canada which draws many people towards this option, however it’s important to consider the following important factors:

  • Having surgery in a private accredited hospital in Canada provides you with the security of knowing that you are having surgery in a safe and clean environment as per the Canadian standards that you have come to know with the accepted medical education approved by the College of Physicians and professional orders for our nurses and dietitians. The same applies to standards and regulations set out for our facilities including sterilization and ventilation of the hospital to minimize the risk of transmission of infections.
  • A well-performed surgery relies on both a surgeon’s technique and his tools. We use the most trusted, recognized, well-established brands of surgical tools available to bariatric surgeons today.
  • Our surgeon performs the surgery from the first cut to the last stitch. There are no trainees and no assistants. You can be reassured that your surgeon does not pass the surgical tools to someone else during your procedure.
  • Our surgeon dedicates his time to each and every case, operating on 3 patients per day, giving his time, attention, and care to every patient in his hands. In some centres doing surgery abroad, the surgeon may operate on 6 to 10 patients per day in order to remain profitable, while passing off some parts of the surgery to trainees or assistants to complete.
  • We offer dietitian and nursing follow-up for 6 months after surgery and you will receive their contact information should you have any questions or concerns in between your appointments. This follow-up has been shown to be vital to a patient’s long-term weight loss outcome and success. Surgery abroad does not generally provide you with the long-term follow-up that is required after surgery.
  • Our medical team is sub-specialized with many years of experience in bariatric surgery. Each team member has been selected to work with us based on their knowledge and experience in bariatric surgery.
  • We have more than a decades-long track record of safety and extremely low complication rates. In the event of complications, we have the support of a recognized and trusted public university hospital to transfer our patients to under the care of their bariatric surgery team.