How Safe is Bariatric Surgery?

This is a detailed and complete listing of all complications at our private hospital (CMC).
Complication At our Private Hospital
 Major Complications   2.3%
   Death 0
   Anastomotic Leak 1.4%
   Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome 0.3%
   Abdominal Abscess 0.1%
   Colon Perforation 0.1%
   Jejunojejunostomy Leak 0.1%
   Acute Gastric Dilatation 0.1%
 Minor Complications   5.2%
   Stenosis of the Gastrojejunostomy 0.7%
   Abdominal Wall Hematoma 0.4%
   Bleeding from staple line 0.4%
   Liver Laceration (small tear of capsule) 0.6%
   Fever with no cause identified 0.6%
   Port site infection 0.6%
   Pneumonia 0.3%
   Pulmonary Edema 0.1%
   Small Bowel Obstruction 0.3%
   Perisplenic hematoma 0.1%
   Unable to close mesenteric defects 0.1%
   Pneumatic test positive (leak) repaired in the operating room 0.1%
   Kidney Stone 0.1%
   Acute Diverticulitis 0
   Advanced Cirrhosis of the liver found at surgery 0.1%
   Camera port infection 0.1%
   Neuropraxia left arm 0.1%
   Pancolitis 0.1%
   Ruptured alimentary limb by methylene blue test, repaired in the operating room 0.1%
   Allergic reaction to unknown trigger 0.1%
   Stapler malfunction 0

Dr. Christou has published results comparing surgery at our private hospital and in a public hospital: “Laparoscopic bariatric surgery can be performed safely in secondary health care centres with a dedicated service corridor to an affiliated tertiary health care centre” Click here to view