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Financing Options

Financing Options

Financing Options

Rather than spending money every year on diets, dieting memberships, diet products, and medication to treat obesity-related health issues, investing in bariatric surgery is an investment in yourself, your health, your life, and your future.

While most of our patients agree that bariatric surgery would be an important life-changing procedure for their health, the cost may be difficult for some. Many of our patients have made bariatric surgery more affordable for them by choosing to finance their surgery.

Our patients have worked with the following companies which they have found very accommodating and provided them with the options suitable to them. Some patients have secured rates as low os $64 per week.

medicard by ifinance
Medicard has been offering an array of patient finance programs to Canadians since 1996.
Credit Medical 250x110
Established in 2001. Credit Medical is one of North America’s oldest and most trusted private lenders, providing flexible and affordable term loans.

Private Insurance

Some private insurance companies may cover the costs of weight loss surgery procedures or components of the costs associated with the surgery.
We are happy to provide you with any documentation that your insurance company may require.

Federal Medical Tax Credits

It is also possible to claim your bariatric surgery and some associated expenses as medical expenses on your tax return. Previous patients have received up to 25% of the surgery costs reimbursed, or approximately $5000. This depends on your financial status, therefore it is best to consult with your accountant for further information.
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