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Morbidly Obese Documentary

This documentary produced by John Christou (Prospector Films Inc) is presented in 2 parts. It follows 3 of our patients through their journey to better health. Antonio or “2 canes” affectionately called by our team is the “Star” He underwent a conventional gastric bypass as he was operated prior to the full development of laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Vanessa and Jacques had laparoscopic gastric bypass.

Morbidly Obese Part I

Morbidly Obese Part II

“Evidence Based” Medical Issues

Dr. Christou and other academically inclined bariatric surgeons are constantly researching the benefits and risks of Bariatric Surgery. On this page you will find some of the media reports of Dr. Christou’s research findings.

Bariatric surgery reduces risk of death

This video is a CTV National news report of the research presented by Dr. Christou to the American Surgical Association in 2004 and published in the Annals of Surgery. It was the first large scale study to show that bariatric surgery reduces the relative risk of death by as much as 89%. This finding was later confrimed by other centers as you can see in the other videos on this page.

Confirmation of the benefits of bariatric surgery (2005)

This video is a CBC News report of 2 publications in the New England Journal of Medicine confirming the previous findings of Dr. Christou, i.e. that bariatric surgery saves lives and money for our cash strapped health care system.

Bariatric surgery reduces cancer risk (2006)

This video is a CTV news report of the findings of Dr. Christou and his team that bariatric surgery reduces cancer risk. This exiting finding was reported at the annual meeting of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Washington DC in 2006.

Science direct-bariatric surgery and cancer risk (2006)

Dr. Christou on Science Direct with further discussion of his study showing that bariatric surgery may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancers. Its already known that weight-loss surgery for morbid obesity can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart problems. Now, new research shows that it may also cut a persons risk of cancer by 80-percent.

Dr. Christou and a patient on Canada AM (2006)

Dr. Christou and patient Jenifer on Canada AM discussing the benefits of bariatric surgery and the reduction in the cancer risk.

Access to Bariatric Surgery Issues

As you are all aware timely access to bariatric surgery in Canada is a major issue. Dr. Christou and the Coalition Against Morbid Obesity Quebec are constantly trying to change this.

“Deadly waits”

This video is a story by the CBC that looks at the status of Bariatric Surgery in Quebec 1 year after the MSSS anouncement that the number of bariatric surgeries in Quebec would increase to over 3,000 by 2011.

Dr. Christou and members of the Coalition against Obesity on CTV evening news (2010)

This video depicts Dr. Christou and several members of the Coalition Against Morbod Obesity discussing the lack of timely access to bariatric surgery and the progress with Lachine Hospital. A key requirement, adequate per case funding that will allow hospital administrators in Quebec to increase the number of surgeries performed at their institutions has yet to be made available.

Coalition against Morbid Obesity members discussing the lack of access to bariatric surgery (2010)

This bilingual video by many members of the Coalition highlights the human element of the lack of access to this life saving surgery in Quebec and in Canada. Dr. Christou’s survey of 9 centers across Canada and Quebec published in 2009 found an average wait of 5.3 years across Canada. Wait times in Quebec ranged from 2-13 years depending on the center.

Patient Related Issues

We also highlight some of the issues faced by patients like you.

Coalition against Morbid Obesity members as to why opt for weight loss surgery (2011)

This video by one of the founders of the Coalition Against Morbid Obesity (Quebec) tells an inspiring story

Coalition against Morbid Obesity members as to why opt for weight loss surgery (2011)

This video shows that you are not alone and that there others you can turn to for support.

WLS Patient testimony