About Us

Weight Loss Surgery Inc. is a private corporation formed to act as a billing agent for patients seeking bariatric surgery in the private sector.

Patients who seek surgery in the private sector, are responsible for all costs related to their surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery acts as their billing agent thus arranging and paying for all services required by the patient depending on the type of surgery chosen.

We provide evidence based, state of the art, surgical treatment options for severe life threatening obesity with no wait for patients who wish to take control of their health and life! Patients can have their surgery within 4-6 weeks from the office consultation. This time is required for the proper preparation of patients for safe bariatric surgery.

I had surgery with Dr. Chow on Sept. 20, 2016. Dr. Chow and his team made me feel secure in my choice of having bariatric surgery. I felt supported throughout my journey and still is, because I’m not done yet. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of having this life changing surgery to consult with Dr. Chow and his team, you wont regret your decision… I know I don’t!
Dr. Chow was the best!!! I was travelling from out of province for weightloss surgery and Dr. Chow was always available via telephone to answering any questions I might have before my surgery. I travelled to Quebec to have my surgery on June 14th. Before and after the surgery Dr. Chow was amazing, answered all my questions, put my mind at ease and reassured me that things would be fine. After the surgery Dr. Chow was always there for any questions I may have and the follow up was amazing!!! I would recommend Dr. Chow for bariatric surgery to anyone thinking of it !!!! He has changed my life!!!
I had bariatric surgery (sleeve) performed by Dr. Chow in March of 2017. Highly knowledgeable and very compassionate. He quickly replied to my texts/phone calls to address my concerns. Great follow through. If one is considering bariatric surgery, this gentleman will surely assist you on your journey. A true asset to his profession
I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Chow. He was more than competent, professional, efficient and he had the best bed side manner of any surgeon I’ve encountered. Highly recommend!!
Dr Chow is incredibly professional and certainly an expert in the domain of WLS. He was very patient during my sleeve consult, and the day of the surgery he came to see me in the room to ensure I was not nervous and to assure me that all would be well and to see if I had any last minute questions. He answered all my questions pre and post op, and what I liked the most was the SINCERITY in his eyes when I asked him why he decided to specialize in bariatric surgery. His answer was that he enjoys seeing patients get off medication and lead happy, and healthy lives 🙂 He’s wonderful and I have absolutely no regrets having him as my surgeon. Don’t think twice, get this procedure, you’ll be glad you did. THANK YOU Dr Chow. You changed my life!
Contrary to popular belief, morbid obesity is not a life choice. I had previously tried a whole host of diets and exercise regimes over many years before considering bariatric surgery. But once the surgical route realistically became the only viable option for me, I wanted it done quickly and safely, by someone who knows what they are doing, and where a comprehensive support structure is already in place. Dr. Chow is a dynamic, grounded, and caring surgeon. The private hospital where the gastric bypass procedure took place offered superb care. My surgery went very well with no complications. There is clearly a holistic philosophy behind the way the WLS centre operates where both the surgeon and the other members of the team (nurses and dietitian) prepared me for the surgery, guided me through the process, and ensured a diligent follow-up after the surgery, all while making use of the most current technologies to assist in monitoring my progress in real time. Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution. It is a very powerful tool which needs to be put to proper use in order to achieve the expected health benefits. Throughout the process, your body undergoes tremendous changes and needs to adapt. This is why it is so important to partner with someone who takes a comprehensive approach to patient care rather than looking at bariatric surgery as a one-off event.
Dr Chow performed gastric bypass surgery on me in November, 2017. I travelled from out of provibce for this surgery and as I was paying the entire cost privately, I did a lot of research before selecting Dr. Chow. At the three month mark, I have lost 46 pounds and continue to lose. I was 228lbs at the start and could not lose a pound. I am very happy with my progess, with the ongoing support of Dr. Chow and his team. I am happy, healthy and very satisfied with this decision. Thank you Dr. Chow!!!!
Dr.Chow has wonderful bedside manners. Always polite helpful answering my questions. Loved his staff. Thank you for changing my life. I traveled from Toronto to have my surgery in Montreal. His staff was always accommodating getting my appointments and scheduling to best suit my travel.
I am very happy with my choice to have gastric bypass surgery and very happy that I had Dr. Chow do it. I have had no complications or issues since the surgery and this is mostly do to the surgery done right the first time. I didn’t have to ask a lot of questions or call him about issues because there were none. The whole team at WLS and the staff at the hospital all were very professional and compassionate. I wholeheartedly would recommend him to anyone considering this type of operation.
Dr Chow performed my sleeve gastrectomy in Jan 2018, the procedure was uneventful and the outcome was excellent. Staff and overall support at the physimed was quite good. Dr Chow was very accessible with any concerns in the post-op period which was reassuring. I would strongly recommend him if you are looking for a private surgical option in Quebec. I was extremely glad I was able to have the surgery in Montreal as a person whose BMI was not high enough to qualify in the public system, but high enough to significantly reduce my quality of life and create health risks that I don’t need. I had not been able to control my weight despite years of trying what I felt was my best. I considered going to Mexico but thank heavens I was able to have a totally great experience at home. It was huge to know I could go to my local hospital with public coverage if something didn’t go perfectly and and I needed urgent/intensive care. Thankfully everything went perfectly and I was back at work in 1 week. Didn’t need to tell anyone, didn’t need medical leave. I am now about 6 months post op and I have a normal BMI and excellent quality of life with zero complications. I used to have obesity and now I don’t and it was not that hard. Well worth a consult.
Not only was having gastric bypass surgery on Aug 28th, 2018 the best decision of my life, but I couldn’t have chosen a better team of people to take care of me. Dr. Chow is extremely kind, patient, professional, sympathetic, understanding, and will answer any and all questions you may have. I never once felt rushed with him and when speaking with him, he gives you his undivided attention. Zero judgement, only there to help and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Anyone considering having gastric bypass, and having doubts, should communicate with Dr. Chow and/or his team… they are ALL great! I highly recommend Dr. Chow. Thank you for changing my life already!
Highly recommend, very proud of his work.Thanks Dr Chow!
Just be careful that the hospital in Montreal where he works doesn’t have proper parking but that’s not on him. Just an fyi for all of you!
Also his bedside manners were impeccable, he was very reassuring, friendly but assertive. He never made me second guess or doubt if he knew something.
His work was impeccable, i felt up and ready to go the bery next day after the surgery and able to eat properly without nausea or acid reflux!
I did my surgery on November 20th 2018. 1 week later my general practitioner family doctor saw the cuts and scars and told me it’s the best and cleanest cuts she’s ever seen in her entire professional career.
I’m having an amazing experience with Dr Chow’s team. Before surgery they reassure you and make you feel super comfortable. After surgery, they’re always available, they’re very professional and kind. its been 3 months since my surgery, I lost 65lbs already and im feeling great. I recommande and give two thumbs up to Dr Chow and his team, they’re the best!
I am so pleased with my surgery, the results and am thankful to Dr. Chow!
I have so valued all of my postoperative care with both Dr. Chow and the dietician on his team Monica.
Dr. Chow performed my RNY bariatric surgery on July 23, 2019. As a patient travelling for surgery from afar, our pre-surgery conversations put me at ease and made me feel confident in Dr. Chow and his team. I had lots of questions and worries and Dr. Chow and Angela Rieux (the coordinator) was attentive to each of them. I appreciated his bedside manner and attention to detail while I was an inpatient.
Dr. Simon Chow was the surgeon for my bariatric surgery back in January of 2020. He is very professional and puts you at ease. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Chow and his team made me feel at ease and comfortable that I had made the right decision to have weight loss surgery. I had RNY in January of 2020 and have lost 100 pounds after 11 months. My experience was positive in every aspect.
Dr. Christou and his staff have been excellent at providing information and assistance both before and after the surgery. The outstanding support made it easier to understand the process and its impact on my life and provided ease of mind prior to the surgery.
I had surgery with Dr. Chow on February 18, 2016. I was treated with respect and kindness by everybody on Dr. Chow’s team. He was available and answered all my questions and was patient with me and worked to alleviate any fear I might’ve had. I also felt supported afterwards with my questions and uncertainties. I would recommend him to anybody thinking of having bariatric surgery. One of the best decision I’ve ever made!