What Does the Surgery Cost?

We request an all inclusive “turn-key” fee for each of the laparoscopic surgery procedures we offer. We take care of everything for you in order to prepare you for safe surgery. This “turn-key” fee includes:

  1. Office consult with the bariatric surgeon.
  2. Standard pre-operative assessment – medical, laboratory, radiology, cardiogram, etc.
    (some competitors do not include this cost in their “minimum price” quote).
  3. A 2-4 week (according to BMI) pre-surgery high protein low carbohydrate diet (VLCD).
    (some competitors do not include this cost in their “minimum price” quote)
  4. Operating room rental and operating room supplies.
  5. All medical/surgical/anesthesia/nursing/support staff fees.
  6. One or two days admission in an ACCREDITED HOSPITAL for observation after your surgery to help you recover properly and ensure your safety.
    (unlike our competitors that only have access to outpatient facilities and use non accredited facilities for immediate post-operative care)
    (none of our competitors provide this service in their “minimum price” quote)
  8.  ONE YEAR POST SURGERY DIETITIAN SUPPORT (return visits in person or by telemedicine) at 3 months,  6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

Our prices vary from $12,000 (e.g. removing failed “Lap band”) to $23,000 ( e.g. revision surgery) depending on the type of surgery and the complexity of the case.

Procedure Cost
Laparoscopic Removal of Failed Lap Band (no hospital stay) $12,000
Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (1 days hospital stay) $17,500
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (2 days in hospital) $20,500
Revisional Surgery (e.g. remove lap band and gastric bypass, 2 days in hospital) $23,000

As these are medically indicated procedures there is no tax added to the price. You will be provided with a detailed receipt. You must consult with your tax adviser as to the proper use of this receipt.

What do Diets Cost?

In order to get the health benefits of weight loss you must follow a diet regimen and exercise program for the rest of your life. In the analysis presented here we calculate the cost of some diet programs followed consecutively for 20 years, assuming you could follow this diet without failure. We do not consider health club membership fees, personal trainer fees and other costs related to the exercise component of your behavioural modification program.

Diet* 3 months 20 Years
Weight Watchers® $167 $26,700
Jenny Craig® $1,249 $199,840
OPTIFAST® $1,900 $304,000
Medifast® $840 $134,400
Nutrisystem® $900 $144,000

*- registered trademarks, approximate pricing

Even the most scientifically proven diet plan, Weight Watchers, costs more than the surgery.

What about financing?

Many of our patients ask about financing and those that chose this option have found MEDICARD a medical finance company very accomodating. Visit them at www.medicard.com.