Patient Questionnaire

Check list before you fill out the questionnaire.

  1. You have done your research and are ready to book a consultation with our bariatric surgeon.
  2. You are aware that Weight Loss Surgery is a private health care provider (i.e. outside of Medicare)
  3. You are prepared to pay for your surgery. To review the costs again please click here.
  4. You are ready to book your surgery at a time of your choosing.

Please compete this health questionnaire. We will call you within 1 business day to set up a consultation with our surgeons.


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I understand that I am requesting surgery in the private sector and that I will have to pay for this surgery.

I understand that Weight Loss Surgery and its suppliers of services will collect personal information relating to me in order to prepare and carry out my surgery and to invoice me the expenses, costs and fees which correspond to it.

I understand that the file containing my personal information will be preserved by Weight Loss Surgery or its suppliers of services at their offices or on their electronic servers and that their employees who require it in the performance of their duties will have access to this file.

I grant this collection and use of my personal information for this purpose. I hereby authorize Weight Loss Surgery Inc. to disclose my individually identifiable health information to the bariatric surgeons and staff of Weight Loss Surgery. This information will be used to assess my candidacy for bariatric surgery and allow the team to provide all preoperative, operative and post-operative care.

I understand that both Weight Loss Surgery Inc. and its bariatric surgeons and staff agree to abide by the NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES which is available for inspection at any time.