Remote Patient Monitoring – RPM

What is it?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses state-of-the-art digital technology plus high definition, secure, teleconferencing to monitor patients remotely and ensure the life style and diet changes required after bariatric/surgery are ingrained and followed for life.

Our bariatric surgery program, includes RPM for 1 month before and 3 months after the surgery.



Detect early postoperative infections

Reach the target weight loss

Control sicknesses linked to obesity

Get rid of medications progressively

Change lifestyle

Avoid gaining back the lost weight

 Why do you need it?

Bariatric surgery is the most efficient and successful permanent method to lose weight. Most of the patients lose between 70 and 140 pounds during their first year after the operation and maintain it up to 3 years, the “honeymoon period” of the surgery, with relative ease, since the patients are less hungry and feel full after having eaten small quantities of food.

However to maintain this weight loss for life (to retain the health benefits and prevent premature death), bariatric surgery patients need to change their lifestyle. They need to learn how to improve their eating habits (3 well balanced meals and 2 snacks per day – the “3+2 eating plan”) and to become more active in their daily lives (10,000 steps or equivalent per day).

Research has shown that if bariatric patients are not closely supervised after their surgery, they risk not making this transition and gradually, some patients abandon the “3+2 meal plan” and eat small quantities of “bad” food repetitively during the day. Eventually, they increase progressively the number of calories per day while staying inactive (they also abandon the 10k step per day plan). Therefore, these patients can gain back some weight 3 years or longer after the surgery.

How does it work?

Our RPM program:

technology and


patient care


To ensure that each patient that decides to get operated by us reaches the target goals of weight loss and health gain, our clinic has developed a before and after bariatric surgery program that is unique in Canada. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach strengthened by new technologies. You will not be alone on a daily basis to go through your weight loss journey.

It seeks to ensure that our team of health professionals will coach you and guide you, on a daily basis, after the surgery, while helping you modify your lifestyle in order to make sure that you will not regain any weight after you have reached your target goal.

New technologies for a continuous follow-up instead of a periodical follow-up

At the core of our program, the “remote patient monitoring” module will allow our team to keep a close contact with you in order to follow on a daily basis your weight, your physical activity, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your sleep etc.

To achieve that, we will hand you at the beginning of the program, a kit consisting of several electronic devices that you will take home such as a scale, a fitness tracker, a blood pressure machine, a glucometer as well as other instruments as needed.

These devices are equipped with special software that allows for real-time transfer of data directly to your computerized health records in our clinic. This helps us keep a close eye on you on a daily basis in order to guide you and help you lose your weight without having you come to our clinic. These devices are extremely easy to use and the data collected is very reliable.

Pressed with time?
Living far away?

No more
a problem!

Our team will use, as well, a new technology in “telemedicine” that will allow each of our health professionals to use secured videoconferencing equipment and software with a medical grade certification in order to conduct face-to-face meetings with you, at a distance.

The majority of time, you will be able to consult our dietitian and our nurse through real-time videoconferencing, in the comfort of your living room, with your phone or your tablet!

Patients who wish to continue the RPM program after 3 months post surgery can do so by choosing packages (monthly, yearly, for life) offered by our Physimed partner.

If patients choose not to continue with the full RPM program, our dietician will schedule followup appointments at 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after the surgery ( included in the surgery cost). Dietician follow-up in between these scheduled appointments as needed will also be available by email, phone, telemedicine, etc.

Our Multidisciplinary approach

You will be assigned to a team of health professionals consisting primarily of a dietitian and a nurse. The problem of obesity being multifactorial, our team will help you reach your goals by tackling each important aspect of your journey to lose weight.



Will review on a daily basis the data you will have transferred to us with the devices and communicate with you on a weekly basis to discuss how your health is evolving



Will assists you in introducing progressively the right kind of food after the surgery and will educate you on a healthy food habits

Of course our bariatric surgeons, psychologists, kinesiologists, cardiologists, pulmonary specialists, radiologists, general practitioners and all the ancillary personnel of Weight Loss Surgery and Physimed are available to help you as needed.