Why Choose Us?

For several reasons but the two most important are:

Dr. Christou Operating

1. The philosophy put in place by our founder, Dr. Nicolas V. Christou, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FASMBS, FACS  which offers patients a choice!

“Get the Surgery that is right for you – not the only one available”.

We are the only private provider of the laparoscopic gastric bypass in Canada. Our access to the only fully accredited private hospital in Canada, allows us to admit patients to the hospital for intense observation required for safe surgery.

Since we are not limited to one procedure, our surgeons are free to discuss with our patients the operation that best fits their risk profile and long term weight loss goals.  Clinics that offer only one type of weight loss surgery (usually adjustable gastric banding or vertical sleeve gastrectomy) cannot avoid bias in surgical procedure selection. Our patients are given the opportunity to choose the surgery that is right for them, not the surgery that is available. Our patients make this important decision after considering all the medical evidence and facts about the risks and benefits of each procedure that they have researched and discussed with our bariatric surgeons.

Dr. Christou believes that the laparoscopic gastric bypass, when performed properly, produces the best long tern results. Dr. Christou believes that the surgical technique used by most bariatric surgeons results in large gastric pouches (new stomach)  which enlarge further with the passage of time and the adaptation of the human body. This can lead to significant weight regain. To avoid this, Dr. Christou and the WLS surgeons under his mentorship use a special technique that creates a very small stomach pouch, ~30-40 ml. This pouch does not enlarge and is responsible for the excellent results shown by our patients.

Our results demontrate a mortality of 0% with greater than 1200 patients since 2006 operated at our private hospital.

The average weight loss is >70% of the excess weight of our patients more than 5 years after the surgery.

2. For our unique approach with Remote Patient Monitoring

We are the first bariatric surgical center in Canada to offer such close follow-ups on patients after surgery and we will make your life easy by avoiding you unnecessary travel and waste of time while monitoring closely several parameters of your health, on a daily basis, all along the program.

You will no longer have any excuses not to change your life habits! You will no longer have any barriers of time and distance. Consequently, the chances that you will regain any weight on the long-term basis after your bariatric surgery will be minimal if any. Only then will your bariatric surgery journey be finally a true success.