Our Office Location

6363 TransCanada Highway
Saint Laurent (Québec)
Canada, H4T 1Z9


Weight loss Surgery has partnered with PHYSIMED MEDICAL CENTER to provide improved pre-operative assessment and post-operative follow-up environment that they require and deserve. This facility offers ample space, easy access and free ample parking.

LobyPatients can enter the premises from either entrance into the main lobby. There is a pharmacy and a small bistro and 2 main reception areas for the complex. The Weight Loss Surgery reception and waiting room is in the back.

Follow the Weight loss surgery logos to guide you.

WLS Waiting RoomOnce you reach the Weight loss Surgery reception area you will be registered and appropriate staff, including Mary will be alerted to your arrival. They will prepare you to see Dr. Christou or the appropriate member of the bariatric surgery team.


Conference RoomThis facility also provides us with a state of the art audiovisual conference room where Dr. Christou will start giving monthly patient information sessions explaining to patients the surgical options for permanent weight loss, the risks and benefits of each, how to chose the surgery that is right for them and explain the latest medical evidence that he uses to guide his surgical practice.