We are a private facility and our surgeons work outside of RAMQ (non participating physicians within the meaning of the health act). This means that patients must pay all costs.

Consultation fees

Patient type Cost
New Patient Consultation (the new patient consultation is free for those who chose to have the surgery with us) $250
Returning Patient after 6 months post surgery: $100

Surgery fees

Please note these costs can vary within the given range depending on the complexity of the case and the raw operating material and hospital costs at the time of surgery throughout the year.

First time laparoscopic surgery Turn-key Cost
Lap Band Removal $ 13,000 – $ 14,000
Sleeve Gastrectomy $ 18,500 – $ 19,500
RY Gastric Bypass $ 19,000 – $ 20,500
Revision laparoscopic surgery Turn-key Cost
Revision surgery e.g. Lap Band Removal  and Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap “Distalization” of RY Gastric bypass, Lap Band and RY Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy to RY Gastric Bypass etc. $ 18,800 – 23,000
These surgery costs include:
  1. All medical, surgical, anesthesia, nursing and support staff fees
  2. Operating room rental and operating room supplies
  3. Admission to an accredited hospital for observation after the surgery to ensure the patient’s safety
  4. Pre-operative medical history and physical exam and verification of the medical file for safe surgery
  5. Pre-operative blood tests
  6. Pre-operative ECG
  7. Pre-operative nursing  evaluation and teaching and post-operative follow-up for 3 months
  8. Pre-operative evaluation and teaching with a specialized bariatric registered dietician and post-operative follow-up for 6 months
  9. Pre-operative high protein low carbohydrate diet
These surgery costs do not include:
  1. A $300 surcharge for BMI>50 kg/m2 (to cover the extra operating room time required to perform the surgery)
  2. A $300 surcharge for previous open surgery (to cover the extra operating room time required to perform the surgery)
When you compare fees to other clinics please be aware that we are the only ones that admit patients to a private hospital for their surgery as well as their post-surgery convalescence according to the CURRENT STANDARD OF CARE.

What about financing?

Many of our patients ask about financing and those that chose this option have found MEDICARD a medical finance company very accommodating. Visit them at .